Window, Aisle or floating about the cabin?


Oh my god! A $60 flight to NYC! Is this real? Have fun on the bus, idiots who didn’t let book your travel. Good luck with the extra $30 you save when you foolishly take a cab from the airport and not the subway like us savvy, time-saving, cost effective travelers (jk I’m totally taking a cab).

Oh what’s that? American Airlines’ seats are falling off the planes? Great! That will make it easier for me to physically and verbally display my paralyzing fear of flight all over the cabin. I would literally cry into the lap of whoever I landed on until they drove me home and fed me a bottle if that happened to me.

Which loops me back into the travel debate I struggle with every time I doodle a new destination in my planner: is flying really easier? Sure, if I’m going to South Africa, there are literally no other options for me unless I want to travel with zoo animals by cargo ship. But when it comes to easy East coast travel, especially from Boston to NYC, is the hassle of flight/risk of losing your legs to detached seats really worth passing up a cozy bus ride with wheels touching the earth and seats that won’t move?

I’ve really been trying to get over my fear of flying, mostly by flying and drinking. But this is just too much. I’m so glad I’ll be in New York in enough time to continue my fear-drinking with my best friends before my 4 hour bus would arrive, but here to hoping I don’t end up giving a horribly shaken interview to channel 7 news after I land on a strangers lap! Or an invalid. Both would suck.



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