Sunny Ina

Mmmm…extra crispy please

Some days I wake up and go for a run, take my dog out to the beach, or whip up a fresh smoothie. On those days, I wish I was eating bacon instead. So today, in honor of it being a dreary hangover Sunday, my roommate and I dazzled our NYC guest with a gourmet breakfast featuring that salty, crunchy friend of mine. Not wanting to waste our precious Cumberland Farms purchase, we dedicated the day to bacon themed delicacies. Ok, so we didn’t impress our Big Apple best friend, and she left before rounds 2 and 3, but either way we used the whole pack and enjoyed every last decadent bite.
Southie Bacon Breakfast:

Screambled eggs with skim milk and parmesean cheese

Bacon (duh)

Rosemary/olive oil whole wheat toast (consider them large crostinis)

A more sophistacted version, done by a real life professional cooking lady.


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